Petition starting June 2019 demanding that all parts of the government admit to brain implants

The Thought Police Are Real: an article by Chad Kister (in the third person, written before Kister announced that he is a victim)

Audio recording My doctor admits to brain implant (and glaucoma) (uploaded february 25, 2017)

Web Radio Interview With Jeremy Scott (uploaded April 22, 2013)

An interview with Jeff Stibel article by Chad Kister (March 31, 2013)

Links to web sites and articles about brain implants

Cuban Doctor confirms that Kister has a Brain Implant (February 19, 2011)

Cuban Doctor confirms that Kister has a Brain Implant (Spanish, page 1 February 19, 2011)

Cuban Doctor confirms that Kister has a Brain Implant (Spanish, page 2 February 19, 2011)

NOTE: Kister has a license to go to Cuba legally to write a book about Ernest Hemingway, and Kister's experiences in Cuba

X-rays showing brain implant in Chad Kister done against his will

Microchip in x-ray photo #1

Microchip in x-ray photo #2

Microchip in x-ray photo #3

Microchip in x-ray photo #4

Microchip in x-ray photo #5

Image showing the brain implant circled in red

Kister Receives Masters of Science Degree from Ohio University (click this link to read his paper on attacks against environmentalists, including Kister) (June 3, 2010)

Press Release: Author Locked up for 23 days for Writing Press Release (the one two links below) (June 2, 2010)

Audio Clip: Columbia Gas Lies About Gas Leak in Chad Kister's House

Press Release: Author begins hunger strike against brain implant done against his will

Civil Liberties Broadcast (January 9, 2010):

Part 1        Part 2

State-Sponsored Terrorism documented in Ohio

Comparison of x-rays of a normal brain and the microchipped brain

Video of Police beating demonstrators in Washington DC (where they broke three of Kister's ribs and nearly killed him) posted December 5, 2009

The Thought Police are Real in 2009: Brain implants placed in two Ohioans against their will according to documented reports.

Brain Implant links: this technology is real but the abusers of it are relying on our ignorance: calling all civil liberties activists to look into the new abuses caused by nanotechnology and neural implants.

Audio interview with Al Smith about a woman he found with a brain implant both through the radio frequencies and by looking at her x-rays in Columbus, Ohio.

Interview with Braingate Chairman and Brain Scientist Jeff Stibel about Brain Implants.  Part 1Part 2

Newspaper, TV and Radio stations are free to use any of this information, audio or video without prior permission. Please do send a copy to Chad Kister at

Chad Kister 740-753-3888 or 740-707-4110

Note that an imposter is intercepting Kister's calls.  Feel free to record calls and to post those calls to the internet.  If you do not get through, file a complaint with the FCC: all phone numbers are fully paid and the phone companies claim they are working.  Hear a recording of the imposter at

4592 Bessemer Rd.; Nelsonville, OH 45764

About Brain Implant Terrorism

Brain Implants, also called neural implants, are means of connecting brains with computers, or with other brains, often using nanotechnology.  While there are potential benefits with this technology, such as for paraplegics, or to connect brains to prosthetic limbs, this technology is mainly being used to thought police and torture citizens in the United States, and likely elsewhere as well.

By using a cochlear implant, the Fascist Bunch of Intimidators can inject their voices into people's heads, and using a Braingate2 type wireless brain implant, they can then "hear" what an individual is thinking.  As such, they can literally thought police, and thought torture people.  The fact that brain surgery is being done against people's will in the United States, which most Americans erroneously think of as a free country, is the Pearl Harbor that needs to start a massive public Congressional investigation to root out the truth about what our government is doing, and to repeal provisions of the Patriot Act that have turned America into a police state of tyranny and oppression.

Because the Patriot Act was used to put implants into people against their will, every politician, police officer and federal agent in America today who is not involved in the movement to repeal the Patriot Act is a traitor to our country. 

Author Chad Kister is working to build support and sponsors for legislation mandating life in prison without parole for anyone involved in putting a brain implant into someone against their will.  This legislation should be retroactive, to include everyone who has ever put a brain implant into someone against their will, possibly excluding the first person in each instance who blows the whistle about each brain implant, provided they do so very quickly.  Because nobody has admitted doing this, even though I know personally that it is happening, who could possibly be against it?  Just getting this legislation introduced will bring the state sponsored terrorists out of secrecy, where their acts of terrorism can be exposed, and prosecuted.

Those wanting to join the nonviolent resistance against the state sponsored terrorists can donate to Chad Kister, a victim of a brain implant, and send checks to 4592 Bessemer Rd.; Nelsonville, Ohio 45764.